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Federal Front Door

Federal Front Door 

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Friendlier government interactions and easier access to services.

My introduction to the Federal Front Door initiative was a happy coincidence — a colleague asked for my help revising the introductory research report. As I edited, I became intrigued by the research the team had conducted; their work validated (and invalidated) common assumptions folks hold about how people view and interact with the government. As soon as I could, I joined the team full time.

Federal Front Door describes a series of projects exploring public-government interactions and public attitudes toward government, along with how agencies can improve both. Much of my work for the initiative was through the Information Exchange project. This discovery effort sought to provide insight into the public's views on sharing personal information with federal agencies, and on agencies sharing that information with each other. 

Though I was brought onto the Info Exchange team as the content lead, my contributions to the project were evenly balanced between content work and UX research. With a colleague, I wrote recruiting screeners and test scripts, conducted participant interviews and prototype tests, and led research synthesis (you can read our research summaries here.) I was also responsible for creating a project-specific style guide, overseeing project comms, and writing all prototype copy. 

My other work for the Federal Front Door initiative includes writing copy for the FFD microsite, writing site copy for, and leading content for the U.S. Web Design Standards

Roles: Content lead, UX researcher (18F)